Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Quickly Develop a Mobile App with Magic xpa

Hello there magicians! It's time to check out the latest illustrated tutorial for creating a mobile app with Magic xpa.

As an example, we are showing how to create a simple "LogOn" program. Take a look!

1) First, activate the Mobile Design mode by clicking this toggle icon and set the Public Name of your choice (LogOn) 

This mode presets the Form Designer with certain default values that are more common for mobile devices. 

Don't forget to check the "External" check box.

2) Then, set the Task Type to Rich Client, as it is a RIA program

3) Now add two Virtual Variables: User Name and Password

4) Zoom into the Form Designer and drop the two variables onto the form

5) In the toolbar, click on the Mobile Form Preview button - it gives you a preview of the Display forms that you are developing

This lets you play around with the placement and size of the controls and see how the controls will appear on various mobile devices. 

6) It's time to add the button and set the Placement Property

In the Placement property you set up whether the control is moved or resized when the parent form or parent container is resized. 

   It works! You can test switching between devices or orientation

7) Now press the Android icon to use Android devices or simulator

Once you toggle on, the running the application or the program will install the pre-built MagicDev.apk file on your device or simulator and will run the program or project.

*If you use a device, make sure that your device is connected to the network and that the firewall on your PC allows your device to connect to your PC.

8) That's it! You can now see the screen of the real device. The Magic application has started and the program is executed. 

Watch the full video! 

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