Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Get Customer Endorsements in Minutes…Or…The Award that Wasn’t: Confessions of a PR Manager

By Stephanie Myara, Content and PR Manager at Magic Software Enterprises

Most PR and Marketing Managers would agree that one of the best sales tools is also one of the biggest challenges - and by that I mean getting customer endorsements. Therefore, I’m proud to tell you that just hours after launching a campaign for an award for our Magic xpi Integration Platform, Magic received nearly 100 votes and nearly 20 wonderful reviews from customers and partners. However, in turned out that the award didn’t exist. Here’s my confession. 

Back in August I got our entire company geared up to get votes for a crowd-sourced voting award for our Magic xpi Integration Platform. The award was attached to an industry event (Integrate) that was to take place that September. In fact, Magic had won the Integrate Award for Top Integration Middleware the year before. However, less than two days after I launched our campaign, I learned that the event had been rebranded (API:World) and the voting for the rebranded awards (API Awards) was closed. Needless to say, as soon as I found out, I stopped our campaign immediately.

I felt bad because while there were many votes and positive comments, there would be no award for our customers’ efforts. However, this shouldn’t undermine the fact that our customers’ immediate and instinctive responses speak wonders for our product and customer relationships. So while I apologize for unintentionally getting out the vote for a non-existent award, I want to thank our customers and partners for their efforts and commitment. Now you know the reason why you didn’t see an award announcement.

So, instead of keeping the endorsements hidden in the voting platform for the award that wasn’t, I am happy to share them here. If you would like to add your own endorsement, please feel free to so in the comments section!

Magic xpi Customer and Partner Endorsements:

We have been using Magic xpi as our backend solution for B2B and EDI integration. Efficient, easy to use, open for integration with so many platforms. Great product for Systems integration.”
Pierre Namroud, CEO, Namtek Consulting Services

“Magic xpi's code-free, drag and drop design plus Visual Mapper make this tool a real gem for even the most challenging System Integration jobs. Not to mention pre-built certified adapters, reliability and ease of maintenance. Well done, Magic.”
Isaac Rapoport, President, Magic Information Systems, Inc.

“[Magic xpi is a] great solution for complex integrations.”
Arnold Boersma, Acuity, BV

‎"This code-free, drag and drop middleware allows a much faster integration lifecycle. We love the visual data mapper and the prebuilt adapters. Excellent reliability and easy maintenance.”
Beth Koehl, Technology Project Manager at Superior Industries

"[Magic xpi is a] code free tool [for] rapid development. I have been using for years. [It’s] very reliable and easy to maintain.”
Rod Selmo, Senior Software Developer at AOD Software 

"[Magic xpi is a] great Integration tool - been using it for years with no complaints!”
Stephanie Khoury, Namtek Consulting Services

“Magic has been a great integration tool allowing us to fulfill Anexo 24 reporting requirements in Mexico and integrate our ERP System with other systems so are able to automate the data transfer process with other software products outside of JDE.”
Hope Willingham, IT Application Manager, 4Front Entrematic

“We at Grange have been using Magic xpi and we are very pleased about the ease of use, fast development and fast ROI.” 
Gustavo Rodriguez, Lead Magic Programmer, Grange Insurance
“The visual data mapper and prebuilt adapters makes it very easy to develop and maintain connections between dis-similar systems.”
Kelly Nix, IT Professional, North American Coal

“Great solutions provided by a great partner! We have worked with Magic and their many effective solutions for many years.”
William Craig, Senior Manager, GSI

“[Magic xpi is] a platform you can depend on. [It’s] secure, powerful and intuitive.”  Adian Hammond

"I've not found anything that can connect as many different technologies together as this remarkable product. The only limit is your imagination!"
Paul Thompson, IT Manager, The Mayflower Theatre

“I work as an Implementation Consultant of SAP Business One for about 9 years now. Magic xpi is definitely the best backend data integration software that I have used with SAP. It helps in integration of data between SAP and multiple 3rd party systems.”  
Krishnan Viswanathan

“I have helped with several implementations using Magic xpi, and it is so easy to use. Lots of connectors, and easily customizable.”
Kevin Cummings, Senior Technical Consultant, Kalypso Consulting, MyAgilePLM

“Code free creation of applications, with loads of pre-built adapters. Reliable, with easy maintenance.”  
Mark Smith

“Our previous middleware application went bankrupt & we were not able to renew. With an extremely tight timeline, we were able to re-implement (and even make some improvements!). Thanks Magic xpi!”
Eric Pozzobon, Application Developer, Sandvine

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