Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic-Powered App Sweeps Away the Snow

Merit Service Solutions, a national leader in facilities maintenance, transformed the way it works with its local snow removal contractors by deploying a mobile app powered by Magic Software’s Enterprise Mobility Solution.

The app leverages digital capabilities to increase operational efficiency, expedite billing and improve customer service. It enables hundreds of service providers across America to receive work orders, enter relevant information, and attach photos and customer signatures verifying job completion when relevant. By combining location information from Google Maps along with predictive, actual, and certified precipitation data from AccuWeather, service providers can quickly locate nearby customer sites and anticipated snowfall amounts.

Management can automatically see when providers have been to a service area, and billing data is automatically generated based on AccuWeather’s certified data for the customer’s geolocation.

Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne via the Magic xpi Integration Platform’s optimized adapter keeps Merit’s ERP system updated according to real-time service completion. The app also includes offline capabilities to make sure work can continue and no data is lost in cases of loss of Internet coverage.

“We manage approximately 2,000 customer sites and wanted a way to take advantage of today’s digital and mobile capabilities to streamline processes, and provide the best experience to our customers and our service providers,” stated Kevin Craig, Chief Operations Officer at Merit Services. “I am happy to report that Magic’s solution, combining both mobile and back-end integration under one technology stack, not only provided all the capabilities we demanded, it has also passed the test of an epic blizzard, enabling us to provide our customers with the timely services they expect, even under the most demanding circumstances.”

“We are happy to have played a key role in Merit’s digital transformation,” stated Eyal Karny, CEO at Magic Americas. “By looking at the complete business process, Merit understood the importance of a single solution that provided real-time integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and rapid mobile deployment. Magic’s Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) status achieved via the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) along with our cross-platform development capabilities enabled us to deliver the entire solution.”

(Photo Credit: Pixabay\skeeze)