Thursday, March 31, 2016

Magic xpa’s Game Changing Experience: Runtime Form Designer

Get ready for a customized user experience! With Magic xpa 3.1, end users can now customize screens to show just the data that is important for their needs, the way they want!

End users can make changes on an individual basis or for an entire group – without coding and without making demands on developers.

The new Runtime Form Designer lets end users customize screens according to their needs:

* Rename and move fields.

*Resize, hide and restore fields.

* Change colors and fonts.

The Runtime Form Designer is one of hundreds of updates we've made to Magic xpa over the years. With our new Upgrade Manager providing the easiest upgrade ever, now’s the time to bring your apps into the new digital age.

Learn how to use the Runtime Form Designer here:

Click here to learn more about Magic xpa 3.1.