Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Taste the Magic! Segafredo Brews Mobile Delivery App with Magic Software

Segafredo Zanetti France, a major subsidiary of coffee giant Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, has deployed a mobile direct store delivery app powered by Magic xpi Integration Platform.

Developed together with Magic partner Danem, a French pioneer in mobile IT, the app digitally transforms Segafredo Zanetti France’s retail sales and distribution processes. Equipped with Samsung tablets, the company’s commercial drivers and field sales team can now take and complete orders from restaurants on the spot. 

Real-time integration enabled by Magic xpi Integration Platform’s pre-built SAP Business One adapter keeps the company’s ERP system updated according to real-time delivery, inventory, and invoicing transactions.

The app also provides offline capabilities, enabling usage even if Internet coverage fails or is unavailable. Segafredo Zanetti France benefits from increased sales from the ability to accept impulse purchases, up-to-date inventory and sales data, greater operational efficiency and improved customer service. 

“We are very satisfied with the app. The agile collaboration and efficiency of the entire team, including both Danem and Magic, enabled the project to be delivered on time and within budget, a rare occurrence for this type of project,” stated Mr. Jean-Francis Caharel, Project Director, Segafredo Zanetti France.

Next time you enjoy a delicious cup of Segafredo coffee in France, you will certainly taste the Magic!