Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Magic Software’s 2015 Year in Review

Although 2016 has already begun, I would like to reflect on the exciting year that we had at Magic Software. Despite some challenges, thanks to our dedicated team, we had many achievements to be proud of, from a major product release to new customers and partners.

Let’s take a look back at some of our key highlights of 2015.

Major Product Enhancements

Launch of Magic xpa 3.0
In 2015, we released Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, featuring improved mobile development capabilities and In-Memory Data Grid technology, enabling the rapid creation of mobile and cross-platform business applications. The addition of In-Memory Data Grid technology provides superior performance, supporting Big Data and Fast Data.

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Magic xpi 4.5 Beta Week

We kicked off our Magic xpi 4.5 Beta by hosting 8 customers from around the world for a week of project migration and in-depth training at our German branch during the end of November.

Magic xpi 4.5 will feature a new friendlier and faster Visual Studio based IDE along with enhanced connectivity capabilities. We are excitedly preparing for General Availability in Q1 2016.

Magic xpa 3.1 Beta Kickoff

Our Israel branch kicked off their Beta with 8 local customers who came to the local office this past week. Betas at other local branches and at customer sites will follow during January.

Magic xpa 3.1 includes a new Upgrade Manager that makes the upgrade process extremely fast and easy.

The first Beta-testers gave Magic xpa 3.1 and the upgrade experience rave reviews. You will be sure to hear more about these, including testimonials from the participants. Stay tuned for more updates.

New Integration Customers Around the World

Many new customers around the world are benefiting from our fast, versatile and highly productive integration solution with off-the-shelf connectors to the most popular IT systems. Customers announced this year include:

Global freight provider, iCargo Alliance Ltd. deployed a centralized electronic data interchange (EDI) solution powered by Magic xpi Integration Platform to increase operational efficiency and improve customer service. The solution allowed iCargo to automatically transform and translate documents to standardized electronic formats, eliminating the need for manual data entry, shortening processing cycles, while reducing errors and costs.

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Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative material solutions for a wide range of applications, utilized Magic xpi Integration Platform to migrate Oracle JD Edwards World ERP Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP. Magic xpi implemented the phased migration of nine sites across five countries, and enabled the company to maintain core inter-company business processes without disruption, regardless of which ERP system each site was using.

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Leading IBM and SugarCRM partner, Acuity, selected Magic xpi Integration Platform as the foundation of their core integration offering. One of their first Magic xpi customers is MijnAccountantsPortal (MyAuditorsPortal), which provides an auditor collaboration platform to facilitate the exchange of information between auditors and their clients. The portal also enables the automated submission of tax returns to the Dutch IRS, streamlining this important process.

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New Mobile and Digital Application Deployments Across Industries

Our rapid cross-platform application platform, Magic xpa is gaining traction among new and existing customers with announcements of a number of interesting new mobile and cross-platform deployments.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, used Magic xpa Application Platform to create smartphone apps for its nearly 25,000-strong student body. The university’s development team developed the apps to provide students with easy access to their personal academic and administrative information.

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Fukushima Bank deployed an iPad sales force automation solution powered by Magic xpa Application Platform. Developed by Magic partner CCU CO. Ltd., the solution increased the bank’s sales force productivity by 40%. By upgrading their original app, which ran on Windows Mobile phones, to iPads, the bank was able to take advantage of the iPad’s larger touch screen and also switch to a proposal-based sales style.

A&A Shipping deployed a customized ERP system based on Magic xpa Application Platform. Developed by Magic partner Titan Systems, which customized its existing Magic-based 4Trade ERP system, AA Shipping and its Royal Cargo tax division can manage their freight forwarding business, including customs clearance and taxes imposed by the government at the Israeli ports of Haifa, Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion International Airport.


Magic Software Named 2015 Salesforce Ecosystem Champion of the Year for France

Magic was honored as Ecosystem Champion FY15 during an awards ceremony at the Salesforce Paris office attended by over 200 representatives from nearly 60 local and global Salesforce ecosystem partners.

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Magic xpi Integration Platform Wins the Integrate 2015 Integration Middleware Award! 

Over 2,000 crowd votes were cast for 16 award categories in this year's competition.

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Magic xpi Integration Platform: Featured App on SugarCRM’s New SugarExchange

Magic xpi was chosen to be a Featured App on SugarCRM’s recently launched SugarExchange, which features a broad spectrum of third party applications and integration software to extend Sugar deployments.


Magic’s accomplishments over the last year are a tribute to the passion and dedication of our employees.

Our products are needed more than ever. We look forward to working with many new and old customers next year, helping them make their digital transformations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We look forward to an exciting 2016 in both the integration and application realms. We will release important updates to Magic xpi and Magic xpa and make it easier for our customers to work with them together. We look forward to having many new customers, as well as helping our existing customers with an easy conversion to our newest product versions, allowing them to modernize and mobilize legacy Magic applications.

Wishing you all much success and happiness in the year ahead.

Udi Ertel is President of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.