Tuesday, November 17, 2015

License to Integrate: How James Bond Can Save Your Business

This weekend I finally caught the new James Bond film, Spectre. As a long-time Bond fan I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and its non-stop action and excitement.

When I returned to work this week I could not get the movie out of my head. I sat down to write a post for the company blog on the topic of system integration, but all I could think about was car chases, damsels in distress, and nefarious villains. It got me thinking…as someone at the forefront of technology for more than half a century, who better than James Bond to teach us a few things about integration?

Act Fast

007 has faster reactions than the average Joe, attacking every problem head on. You need to act fast in business too. Using a code-free integration platform with pre-built and certified application adapters will allow your organization to connect and automate processes across your business systems quickly, so you can gain competitive advantages of efficiency and innovation.

Leverage Good Connections

Bond has strong connections with people from many backgrounds and uses them to the best of their potential. An integration platform with certified connectors to the leading enterprise systems, databases, and services ensures your systems are used to the best of their potential, increasing your ROI.


Ever since the first movie 53 years ago, the legendary secret agent has been taking his work mobile. A robust integration platform with a wide variety of adapters lets you take a leaf out of Bond's book and mobilize you backend data and processes so employees, customers and partners can take your work mobile too!


Ever noticed that Bond has been hurt so many times but is still in top fighting shape? 007 manages to heal after every obstacle thrown at him. Your integration could benefit from being able to repair itself when a crisis may hit. An integration platform with a self-healing IMDG architecture will make you Bond strong!

Move with the Times

Armed with the newest and best gadgets and tools for the trade, Bond always has a leg up on his opponents. Integrating your systems using a systems integration platform from a vendor that continuously upgrades its adapters and platform technologies helps you grow your business and gain an advantage over your competition.

James Bond has been around for 53 years, and there are many lessons we could learn from him. Integrating your systems can save you money, increase staff time efficiency, and improve your ROI. If there's one lesson you can take away from Her Majesty’s most trusted secret agent, it’s that integration really Bond's your systems!

Jake Potter is Marketing Executive at Magic Software Enterprises UK.