Thursday, September 24, 2015

From CRM to IoT: Magic’s Takeaways from Dreamforce '15

The innovative week-long Dreamforce event in San Francisco is always exciting! Attendees always go back home with dozens of inspirational ideas for their businesses.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to attend again this year with Magic as a sponsor of the French Dreamforce Delegation.

Although Dreamforce is an important occasion for Magic to work on building strong relationships with Salesforce and partner teams, it also enables us to learn what it takes to build Intelligent Customer Relationships.

Reflecting on all that I heard and saw over the week, I found the following to be the most significant topics:
  • A Complete New Interface: Salesforce has worked very hard this year to launch its fully newly designed interface, revitalizing all transactions and forms in Salesforce! This will be available in the coming Winter '15 Release. Salesforce has indeed recognized the key aspect in usability of a real "User Experience" for success! All platform components will benefit from this new Lightning Interface.
  • SalesforceIQ for Small Business: It seems that Salesforce also wants to focus on small business segment, providing a new easy to use mobile applications named SalesforceIQ. This allows you to connect your prospect data directly from your emails to Salesforce from your Mobile! The easy way to encourage daily CRM use.

  • Microsoft & Salesforce: Salesforce highlighted its partnership with Microsoft once again. Satya Nadella, himself, took the stage to demonstrate how the optimized user experience between Salesforce and Outlook helps increase user productivity. With the integrated Salesforce interface in Outlook, you get your Salesforce info in your email inbox, and also from Salesforce you can directly access any MS-365 files via Microsoft Azure in the Cloud!
  • IoT Cloud by Thunder: Legendary Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, always delivers a strong vision for the company and its millions of users. This year he took a big step toward the Internet of Thing (IoT) arena. With IoT Cloud, Salesforce provides a full new Platform enabling the streaming management of any event from any connected objects around Salesforce applications. Then you can collect and analyze the resulting Big Data and add dashboards and reports to be used in the Marketing Cloud or in Analytics to provide new apps!
  • Trailhead, the New Self-Training Platform: There is a big new Self Training environment named Trailhead, to help developers, admins and end users get the most out of Salesforce! It is a fact that Salesforce has become so huge Platform that many people need to access a good level of knowledge!

Dreamforce ’15 was really inspiring for the approximately 150,000 attendees on-site and the expected 10 million who joined online. While all of us Salesforce partners, colleagues and customers worked hard on our networking operations, we also were able to visit innovative Silicon Valley companies including: Tesla, Lending-Club, Scoop-it, Galvanize, Zuora, Exogen Biotech, Flextronics, Yelp, Paypal and NakedWine - all born with new economic and disruptive models - a huge inspiration, and something we hope will also apply in Europe!

Tell us which system you would like to integrate with Salesforce.

Pascal Rawsin is Marketing Manager at Magic Software France.