Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Magic xpa 3.0 - The Reviews Are In!

Last week we released Magic xpa 3.0, the newest version of our flagship business app development platform. Magic xpa 3.0 features improved mobile development capabilities and In-Memory Data Grid technology, enabling the rapid creation of mobile and cross-platform business applications.

Early reviews are in, and we could not be more pleased! Here is what some of our customers are saying.

“Magic xpa 3.0 is a significant enhancement allowing for an even more rapid development environment than before.  It is a true pleasure to design new solutions for the market and remain one step ahead of the rest.”

Hein van Heerden, CIO, Traderplus, South Africa

“Customers are expecting new mobile software solutions. With Magic xpa 3.0 we can deliver software tools to the market in fast development time on various platforms. This brings new opportunities to our ERP solutions and allows us to focus on development and not on technology.”

Andreas Loew, General Manager, BSV Software, Germany

“Our initial tests of our flagship CampusNet app using Magic xpa 3.0 – with its new state-of-the-art IMDG architecture – show that is running up to 3 times faster than the earlier version. We are excited about the ease of scaling up and the fault-tolerance provided by the new In-Memory Computing capabilities. Our developers are also happy with the new Visual Studio-based form editor that makes it faster to implement changes and create mobile apps.” 

Stephan Sachse, Managing Partner, Datenlotsen, Germany

“We are very pleased with the Magic xpa 3.0 enhancements. The new Visual Studio-based form designer and searchable expression editor contain many small advantages that add up to significant time savings, resulting in even faster time-to-market. The inclusion of IMDG in Magic xpa 3.0 promises to make our apps perform significantly better and scale more easily, and will allow us to design more complex apps that handle big volumes of data with confidence.”

Alexander Gutenbrunner, Senior Consultant Collaboration, Axians ICT Austria GmbH, Austria

“For cross-platform development, Magic xpa 3.0 is significantly faster than any other tool. We can efficiently develop mobile friendly applications in Magic xpa 3.0 with offline programs and client side tables.”

Amor Kalo, Bank Assistance, Hungary

There you have it! With all of the new features and capabilities Magic xpa 3.0 has to offer, the Power of 3 is in your hands.

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