Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Sneak Peak at the New Studio Environment in Magic xpa 3.0

The upcoming Magic xpa 3.0 release includes many new features for an improved developer experience, enabling customers to get enterprise-grade cross-platform apps for mobile and desktop to market faster than ever before.

With the Form Editor now based on Visual Studio, Magic xpa 3.0 users will enjoy its familiar and intuitive experience.

A new Mobile Preview pane lets developers see how apps look on the device as they create them. Users simply choose the appropriate device from the drop down menu or define their own. And by toggling on the new Mobile Design Mode, default values are preset to be suitable for mobile. For example, button defaults are sized to accommodate touch screens.

Together, these and other enhancement make creating cross-platform mobile and desktop apps faster and easier than ever. 

Figure 1: New Magic xpa 3.0 Visual Studio Based Form Designer with Mobile Preview for iOS

Don’t forget to register for our Live Q & A Session with Magic Management on April 28 to answer any questions you might have on Magic xpa 3.0.