Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Sneak Peak at the New In-Memory Computing Features in Magic xpa 3.0

Magic xpa 3.0 now incorporates In-Memory Data Grid technology based on award-winning XAP middleware from GigaSpaces. 

This next generation architecture provides a highly-scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure for building high-performance apps.

Learn more about IMDG by watching this short video by GigaSpaces.

Magic xpa 3.0 uses IMDG technology in two different ways.

1) Magic xpa 3.0 includes an In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) based messaging layer that enhances the robustness, scalability and performance of your applications. Elastic scalability allows apps to easily accommodate larger numbers of users and transactions. Built-in auto-scaling lets businesses focus on creating the right business logic rather than on load balancing issues.

2) Magic xpa 3.0 enables applications to access and process data from an IMDG (e.g. the space). In-memory data caching speeds access to traditional databases. This also provides the opportunity to work with asynchronous persistency, in what’s referred to as Write Behind mode in Hibernate, enabling apps built with our platform to handle extremely large transaction loads.