Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Magic Hungary Conference – “Focusing on Enterprise Mobility”

Magic Hungary’s annual conference was held on June 10th at the Larus Event Center in the heart of Budapest. The event focused on enterprise mobility with special emphasis placed on the challenges of becoming a mobile enterprise and the enterprise mobility systems and technologies that can help. 

Proud to be celebrating our 25th year as a Magic Branch, we kicked off the conference with highlights of the past 25 years which provided a nice icebreaker and friendly start for the day. 

The keynote presentation was given by Udi Ertel, President at Magic Software Enterprises, who spoke about international IT trends and Magic Software’s development directions.

Within the framework of the program, András Hlács, from the International Agency for Innovation presented current innovation strategies, tender opportunities and support. The presentation was very popular as evidenced by the number of participants approaching him for personal discussion on these topics during the following coffee breaks.

Magic customer, Gyula Agárdi, Head of IT Department at the Hungarian Post Office Ltd. provided insights about their application modernization project with Magic xpa Application Platform. The company has a huge newspaper subscription system, with 11200 tasks and 2800 programs. Taking the advantage of Magic xpa capabilities they can easily follow the numerous daily changes provided by publishers.

“I’m happy to report that the event was a great success,” said Marton Szluha, Branch Manager at Magic Hungary. “We had a great crowd of nearly 100 participants including managers from software companies, senior developers, IT leaders, along with many current Magic Software Partners. We tried to provide information that would be of interest to all the different groups in attendance, and based on the feedback we made it!”

Conference participant, Gábor Csurgai from Catura Ltd. added, “I liked the atmosphere of the conference, the informal style. I had a couple of conversations which can be useful in my job. I received new information from the International Agency for Innovation Performance, so my overall impression about the event is absolutely positive!”

It was a great pleasure to host such a fruitful conference. We look forward to organize a similar or even better event in 2015!

Szilvia Balasi is Marketing Manager at Magic Hungary, Magic Software Enterprises