Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Magic Inspiration 2014 - Magic Benelux

This year’s Magic Inspiration event was a great success. Nearly 100 guests, predominantly Magic partners but also quite a few newcomers, enjoyed a day full of interesting presentations and inspiring moments, highlighted by keynote speakers including Ron Tolido from Capgemini and Richard Cale from Interface.

The theme of this year’s event was “Making IT Approachable”. John Verwaaijen, General Manager at Magic Benelux explained why we advocate this, “Our goal is to close the priority gap between IT providers and IT users. In order to achieve this, IT people have to be persuaded to shift their technical approach to a more business-oriented one. In other words, technical complexities should be automated and kept away from the user’s sight. For instance, users shouldn’t need to repeatedly log in each time they start an application or manually integrate different apps by using spreadsheets and other means outside applications. Instead, users should be offered multiple functionalities that enable them to customize the apps according to their personal preference and needs, such as choosing a preferred presentation order and graphical layout. These functionalities should be intuitive and easy to use – on the desktop, tablet or smartphone."

In his presentation “From Train to Scooter: The New Apps Landscape”, Ron Tolido, CTO Application Services Continental Europe at Capgemini took us on a journey towards a new generation of Business Technology applications. Using a simple metaphor of modes of transport, he explained how insight into differing application dynamics can help to plan a renewed generation of IT activities across the entire organization. Click here to learn more about this interesting and very inspiring concept:

Another well received presentation was that of Richard Cale, IT Director at Interface, the world's largest designer and manufacturer of carpet tile. Mr. Cale talked about how Interface’s dedication to sustainability evolved into the company’s Mission Zero commitment — its promise to eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment by 2020. We are proud that our Magic xpi Integration Platform is being used toward achieving this great mission.

However, perhaps the most talked about presentation was that of Eduard Smeets, Sales Manager at Magic Benelux regarding Magic Benelux’s AppMall initiative. AppMall is a mobile app generation and management platform for secure native enterprise apps. Easy to set up, manage, and maintain, the AppMall is unique because it generates business functionality that is directly available to authorized users. It is based on predefined lay-out templates and app wizards and requires no coding, only configuration and orchestration.

Eduard introduced the AppMall during Magic Inspiration 2013 and our guests were very curious to see how it turned out. The expectations were very high, and luckily the reactions were just as positive.

Eduard was joined by Robert Groenewegen, Professional Services Manager at Managic Benelux for a live demo of the AppMall. Robert showed, among others, how changes made in an app are automatically visible on the user’s side, without the need to reinstall or update the app. This impressed even the most skeptical spectator.

Do you want to learn more about our AppMall? Download Eduard’s presentation here.

We are happy to look back on a successful event and are already looking forward to organize next year’s Magic Inspiration.

Dora Varhaniovschi is Marketing and Communications Manager at Magic Belelux.