Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013’s Top Enterprise Mobility Webinars from Magic Software Enterprises

View our top 6 enterprise mobility webinars of 2013 below and visit Magic’s YouTube Channel to browse our selection and watch the ones that are right for you. 

Build a Mobile Business App in 2 Minutes

As the BYOD trend continues, businesses are facing many challenges of how to extend their critical enterprise apps to multiple mobile devices
View this webinar to learn how Magic can help you overcome these challenges by being able to build multi-channel mobile apps, quickly, securely and successfully with all the important capabilities you require. 

9 Keys to Successful Enterprise Mobility Projects

Enterprise mobility is critical for the future of the enterprise. In order to be successful, you need to understand and make decisions in 9 key areas before you begin creating mobile enterprise applications.
This webinar will help you break through the chaos of the young and changing enterprise mobility technologies, become aware of your different options, and minimize risk -- so that your mobile enterprise application projects will be success from both IT and business perspectives. 

Deploy JD Edwards-Integrated Mobile Apps to iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

Most businesses have unique business problems and requirements and mobile apps need to deliver your unique enterprise experience to your employees, customers and partners.
Attend this session to learn how you can collaborate with Magic Software using our integration and application platforms to tailor mobile apps that connect to your back-end JD Edwards systems

Mobile Apps For JD Edwards: Like Magic!

To deploy mobile apps connected to JD Edwards you need to overcome the challenges of mobile integration, security, and diversity in devices.
Learn how Magic Software's Enterprise Mobility Solution can greatly simplify the development and deployment of secure mobile apps integrated to JD Edwards and deployable natively across multiple devices. 

Building Effective Mobile Business Screens

Today’s business users demand access to critical business processes on their mobile devices. Users expect their mobile business apps to look and feel like the best of consumer apps, offer all the functionality their used, but without all the complex screens found in desktop apps designed for large screens with mouse and keyboard input. 
Watch this webinar to learn the key considerations and tips for designing successful mobile business screens. 

Extend Your Enterprise Applications to Multi-Channel Mobile

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, and an increasingly mobile and connected workforce, it's no surprise that you're facing demands to support a plethora of devices.
The problem is that this usually requires complex management policies or a tightly controlled list of approved apps: neither of which tends to get users jumping with joy.
Our free webinar will show you how Magic Software's simple, code-free tools allow you to quickly and easily create workflow-centric mobile apps that are context-aware and run natively on any client.

**Special Bonus**

2014 Enterprise Mobility Expectations and Insights: Magic Talks with Kevin Benedict, Sr. Digital Transformation Analyst at Cognizant

After getting their feet wet for a number of years, Kevin predicts that 2014 is going to be the breakout year for enterprise mobility with businesses moving from small productivity apps to serious investments in complex mobile apps that increase competitiveness and differentiation. 
Check out this interesting discussion to learn more.