Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013’s Top Application Integration Webinars from Magic Software Enterprises

View our top 6 application integration webinars of 2013 below and visit Magic’s YouTube Channel to browse our entire selection and view the ones that match your interests.

Also, don’t miss our new 2014 bonus interview with Mobility Expert, Kevin Benedict at the end.

1. Primavera Integration - SharePoint, Mobile and Beyond

Watch this webinar to learn how you can increase productivity and competitiveness by connecting your Primavera system with your ERP, CRM, SharePoint and other enterprise systems.

Find out how easy and cost-efficient it is to use Magic xpi Integration Platform for P6 and avoid having to write Web Services or engage in inflexible time-consuming programming.

2. Magic xpi Integration Platform for SharePoint and Enterprise Apps

As good as SharePoint is, even Microsoft understands that the information inside can serve you best not when locked in a silo, but when integrated with other systems. 

A charter member of Microsoft’s Business Critical SharePoint Program created to deliver high-level integration capabilities to its enterprise customers, Magic’s integration platform lets you bridge the value gap between your SharePoint and SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and other enterprise apps quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, without programming.

3. PeopleSoft Integration - SharePoint, Mobile and Beyond

You know you can improve performance with PeopleSoft integration; the question is how. The PeopleSoft Integration Broker simply enables you to access your PeopleSoft data. In order to connect to other systems, you still need to manage the interactions and data transformations, and apply business logic.

Watch this webinar to see how Magic xpi Integration Platform lets you integrate and mobilize business processes quickly and simply without having to write Web Services or engage in any programming.

4. Magic xpi Integration Platform for SharePoint and JD Edwards

Magic Software's smart, code-free, future-proof integration platform lets you connect your SharePoint and JD Edwards systems quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Watch this webinar to see how you can leverage the Magic xpi Integration Platform to integrate business processes across JD Edwards and SharePoint to provide custom business functionality and deliver information across the enterprise for increased efficiencies and competitiveness.

5. JD Edwards Upgrade Planning: Integration Best Practices

Independent experts agree that planning a JD Edwards upgrade to the 9s without planning for an upgrade to your JD Edwards integration capabilities introduces unacceptable risk.

Watch this webinar to understand the 4 key planning considerations for JD Edwards upgrades and integration. And learn why concepts such as loosely coupled integration are vital to a smooth go-live for your upgrade.

6. Jumpstart Your Salesforce SAP Integration with SpeedStart Templates

Automation and optimization of workflows and business processes between Salesforce and SAP is an important issue as many companies strive to maximize efficiencies and gain a vital 360 degree of their customers.

Watch this webinar to see how you can realize this vision quickly with Magic’s SpeedStart templates. These pre-configured integration flows are based on our experience with many Salesforce and SAP integration projects. These building blocks make your Salesforce SAP integration faster and easier.

**Special Bonus**

2014 Enterprise Mobility Expectations and Insights: Magic Talks with Expert Mobile Analyst, Kevin Benedict

After spending the last few years getting their feet wet testing various mobile enterprise apps, Kevin Benedict, Senior Digital Transformation Analyst at Cognizant, predicts that 2014 will be the breakout year for enterprise mobility, with businesses moving from deploying small productivity apps to serious investments in complex mobile apps intended to increase competitiveness and differentiation.

Check out this interesting discussion with Kevin and Glenn Johnson, SVP Magic Americas to learn more.