Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embracing Enterprise Mobility in the Warehouse

Dove Tree Canyon Software Gives Managers Real-time Data from the Floor to the Phone

Dove Tree and Magic have been working together longer than most marriages last: 23 years. Dove Tree Canyon Software, located in San Diego makes software for controlling automated material handling systems in warehouses, distribution centers and stock rooms. Its Warehouse Control System (WCS) software is being used by large companies in such diverse industries as pharma, jewelry, food, and airplane parts to help lower the cost of order processing and material handling operations.

With a team of only three developers, Dove Tree is able to deliver the Dove Track Warehouse Control System across devices and operating systems: Client server, rich Internet application, Windows Mobile and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Dove Tree can also tailor core components to the needs of specific clients quickly and easily. 

Dove Tree’s President, Bill Woo, says, “Information technology systems and the automated warehouse carousels and other equipment that our software controls for our customers are constantly evolving. Staying current means our software stays current with other changing technologies. When I hear of other developers who lag behind more than one version and haven't upgraded, I shake my head. My customers appreciate that thanks to our efforts and the advances in our development platform, they can leverage the updates and advances in their hardware, operating systems, networks and databases."

So what is Dove Tree working on now? Like most businesses today, Dove Tree understands that enterprise mobility is the name of the game. While it has had Windows Mobile apps for mobile users on the warehouse floor for a long time, Dove Tree is now embracing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and developing new mobile command and control apps based on relevant KPIs. No matter where they are or what time it is, Dove Tree’s warehouse manager clients can check their smartphones and tablets and know at a glance whether everything is functioning normally, what issues require their immediate attention, or specific areas they needed close monitoring to avoid possible troubles ahead.

“A key element of our success has been Magic’s software development technology, which continuously evolves to support new devices, features and operating systems, enabling us to stay lean and agile while maximizing our development investment,” concluded Woo. “Access to pre-release versions and their openness to additional feature requests have made it easy for us to plan and build our own future releases.”

Regev Yativ is President and CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas. Magic provides powerful and versatile enterprise-grade application and data integration solutions.