Thursday, July 18, 2013

Accelerating the Lead-to-Cash Process with SAP and Salesforce Chatter Integration

Most enterprises have a complex information system, comprising autonomously operating components, including ERPs, CRM applications, and custom applications developed for the specific enterprise. Yet, many business processes are cross-functional and require users to access information from multiple systems.

To overcome the lack of communication between applications, time and money are invested in manually copying information from one system to another. However, this is not the optimal solution, as it is slow, error-prone, and expensive to maintain.

The following demo shows how businesses can improve the standard ‘lead-to-cash’ process by integrating SAP and Salesforce Chatter with an automated, future-proof integration solution.

You will see how information is delivered in real-time, the sales team gains a complete view of the customer data, the sales cycle is faster and more efficient, and errors are eliminated. This cost-effective process improves the enterprise’s efficiency and also results in greater user and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce and SAP integration
Example of an Enterprise Business Process

The demo walks you through the integrated process shown above:

  • In step 1, the marketing team creates a lead in Salesforce.
  • In step 2, the sales and marketing team converts the lead into an opportunity.
  • In step 3, a business offer is made.
  • Now the opportunity has progressed enough to activate the account creation in SAP.
  • In step 4, the business process continues in SAP, where the account is validated after several checks.
  • In step 5, we’re back to Salesforce. The sales person can complete the negotiation and close the deal.
  • In step 6, all the necessary information is made available for creating the order form.
  • In step 7, in SAP, the user can manage the order payment that they’ve just received.

Magic xpi is a business application integration platform that quickly and cost-effectively integrates enterprise software applications running on diverse databases, operating systems, and platforms. Magic xpi is code-free and contains a comprehensive library of connectors, wizards, services, and methods for configuring the flow of information between enterprise systems.

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