Monday, March 18, 2013

Helping Our Customers Outperform the Future

By now, we should all accept the basic truth, that it makes good business sense and is more cost effective to keep a customer happy than to find a new one. We’re determined to see our customers succeed. Some of our clients have been with us longer than many marriages – almost 25 years, which is a great track record for a 30-year-old company.

Our customers have transitioned from DOS to Windows, to the Web and beyond, and have experienced an innumerable number of integrations and upgrades of their CRM and ERP systems. They needed help maneuvering around a few stumbling blocks that, had they hard-coded, would have been long-term disasters both technically and for their business operations. 

Many of them will admit that they did not readily embrace some of the changes we enabled for them, and we had to drag them kicking and screaming through the processes – but, in the end, they were glad we did.

We’re in the unique position of being able to drive technology development like a start-up but have 30 years of implementation experience behind our products. One of the main – if not the main – factors in securing customer loyalty is our dedication to future-proofing our products. Future-proofing is part of our corporate mantra, if not the soul of our existence. Note our tagline – “Outperform the Future”. Obsolescence is the enemy.

Not only is “Outperform the Future” based on our strong R&D investment, and the mindset to continually think ahead, our customers also tell us it is also a key value provided by Magic technology throughout the years. To be a long-term player in the technology space, you need to minimize risk for your customers by ensuring new business demands are easy to implement, while maintaining platform continuity and backward compatibility – always critical in “We’re-not-ready-to-retire-our-legacy system” environments. 

This is something we actually build into our technology. The fact that we use a meta-data approach that separates the business logic from the underlying infrastructure means that our customers don’t have to rewrite their applications every time a system or systems goes through upgrades. We provide a simple interface with the complex programming already built-in. Apps only need to change when the business rules and processes change. Magic customers can also leverage the same business logic to quickly deploy applications to a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets.

The 'New Age Enterprise'
With BYOD and the pressure to launch an increasing number of apps including integrated apps for a variety of devices, our customers benefit from Magic’s highly productive and cost-effective multi-platform application development and integration solution that lets them create apps for everything from iOS, Windows, Android, to rich Internet applications and cloud. Because our solution offers proven and certified connectors to leading enterprise systems including SAP, Oracle JDE,, Microsoft, IBM, and Google, our customers can create apps that integrate virtually any backend system. We do all this while providing the enterprise grade performance, security, and scalability they need.

Our goal is to help our customers innovate and improve operational efficiencies and real-time decision making, while strengthening relationships with employees, customers and suppliers via optimized systems. We help our clients keep their management and customers happy, and they remain happy customers of ours. 

Regev Yativ is President and CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas. Magic provides powerful and versatile enterprise-grade application and data integration solutions.