Monday, February 4, 2013

Going Mobile: Not the song, the Enterprise

“Going mobile”– not the song, but the enterprise – via BYOD means your employees are voluntarily becoming more connected to your company. IT can increase productivity, drive innovation, and employee and customer satisfaction by embracing BYOD and leveraging it to build a leaner, more connected and responsive enterprise.

It is time for IT to take the lead in transforming organizations into “New Age Enterprises.” The New Age Enterprise is connected and integrated –front-end and back-end systems; employees, vendors and customers– letting everyone get the information they need, whenever they need it, from wherever they may be. The smart use of hardware and software in a mobile world increases operational efficiencies, reduces costs and strengthens relationships with employees and management, customers and suppliers, and even among departments.

Here are a few tips to get started: 

  1. Take the lead in creating a clear mobile strategy – within your department first. Determine what you will and won’t support and SLAs before you go “outward.”
  2. Now go outside your department and get buy-in from key stakeholders. Sell them on the opportunities enabled by the “New Age Enterprise.” Sell them on the advantages of having centralized policies and tools, and on your knowledge and ability to bring it to fruition.
  3. Select the right tools – Determine the exact development tools that will allow you to develop across devices, OS, and platforms (mobile, desktop, Internet), easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Make sure your tools will support your preferred application architecture: Native, HTML5 or hybrid. Get creative – Make sure you have a great UX team to develop mobile apps that are attractive and user-friendly
  4. Don’t forget integration. Make sure every app can easily be connected to the right back-end systems to truly make them valuable to users and to the organization.
  5. Secure devices, applications and enterprise data to guard against external and internal threats.
  6. Be realistic. Now that you have the long-term picture where you want your “New Age Enterprise” to go, determine the priorities, timelines and budgets to get you there.
  7. Get started. 

Good luck, and enjoy your “New Age.”

Regev Yativ is President and CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas. Magic provides powerful and versatile enterprise-grade application and data integration solutions.