Friday, December 21, 2012

New Years Resolution

As the New Year approaches, we get to thinking about sending greetings and good wishes to our friends and family and making New Year’s resolutions. 

Here are some of our wishes for our Magic customers and friends in 2013.

We wish that:

  • You once again spend less time coding and more time creating the best business logic
  • You develop great mobile apps that are sexy, user-friendly and increase employee productivity
  • You save money by developing your mobile apps once and deploying them on multiple operating systems with a click of a button, rather than multiple development efforts
  • You make your company more efficient by automating processes and integrating systems so employees don’t have to waste time manually updating data in different back-end systems
  • Your integration projects go quickly and smoothly
  • Your boss gives you a raise because your expanded use of our technology makes you look smarter than ever before

We just came across some interesting statistics on New Year’s resolutions and made them into the infographic below for you to enjoy.

Happy New Year and may all your resolutions come true!