Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chatter and the new wave of integration

By David Akka

As I mentioned previously I was at Cloudforce in Sweden last week, what I may not have mentioned though is that we at Magic are also very much immersed in moving to a new Salesforce.com environment. This means that right now I am pretty much surrounded at every turn by the world of Salesforce.com. Of course I have been working on and around Salesforce projects for years but I have to say  I have been pleasantly surprised by how customers installations have been evolving over the past few years resulting in very interesting and innovation environments.

There was a time a few years ago when the primary concern of Salesforce was gaining new ground whilst the primary concern of the users was just getting up and running doing data imports etc. Now both have moved on and matured. With the release of Chatter we are seeing users creating more innovative use cases  in order to maximise the use of Chatter and other social networking tools to change and improve how they deliver their service to their customers ensuring every interaction is not only monitored and recorded by also utilized and analysed and optimised. Working in this way with their CRM has led many to question how much stringer the power of the solution would be if they could also access and integrate with the data from their ERP system.
Obviously Chatter has some very neat integration capabilities with Salesforce and other social media tools, this was made very evident by the impressive presentation at I saw at Cloudforce Sweden. However what happens when companies want to integrate into a more traditional and secure on premise application like JD Edwards or SAP. That of course is where Magic steps in. When companies require every part of their business to be integrated in a single place to allow users the right information at the right time and in the right place Magic’s integration solution provides the answer.
I for one am very excited about the future of applications like Chatter and the possibilities they open up for enterprises, but until every part of the procces is contained within a single application Magic will be there to fill the holes.

David Akka is the Managing Director of Magic Software (UK) Ltd and have worked with Magic Software for over 14 years.
Visit his blog at: http://www.davidakka.com/