Monday, July 30, 2012

Faster, Stronger, Higher... Winning the Race to Enterprise Mobility

So, the London Olympics are finally underway, and what an amazing opening ceremony it was—full of drama, humor, creativity, and energy. Some people question why the world makes such a fuss about a sporting event. The answer is that the Olympics are much more than a sporting event. They offer an inspiring universal message to all mankind, embodied in the Olympic motto: Faster, Stronger, Higher. The competitors, both as individuals and as representatives of their nations, strive to be the best they can be, pushing themselves to the limit, and, if possible, beating all other competitors.
This message is indeed universal, and can be applied with equal relevance to the world of enterprise, where individual employees and companies as a whole seek to maximize their potential and succeed in business. Nowhere is this truer than in the competitive, fast-changing world of enterprise mobility, where there is a real need for a strategic and comprehensive solution that optimizes business processes and efficiently leverages existing knowledge and assets to help businesses become winners.
In this context, the Olympic motto can be applied as follows:

Speed is a crucial factor in the success of a mobile solution. Enterprises need the ability to deploy even the most complex enterprise applications over all current mobile operating systems from a single development effort if they are to consistently achieve the fastest possible time-to-market.

Enterprises cannot afford to risk losing sensitive data related to customer information, financial transactions, or company operations. Before exposing their back-end systems to the mobile network, enterprises need guarantees that their security will not be compromised by operating in a mobile environment, which has multiple potential security points-of-failure. Therefore, enterprises require a robust mobile solution that provides enterprise-grade security, including data encryption, user authentication, and work over secure layers.
A reliable, end-to-end solution, offering support for native device features and capabilities, combined with optimized back-end integration components, empowers mobile users to perform any business task, accessing locally installed or cloud-based ERP, CRM, or other enterprise systems in real time and from any location, with the user-friendly experience of their smartphone or tablet.

A highly scalable solution that is future-proof against changing trends in device types and operating systems can help enterprises to reach new business heights. By implementing forward-looking technology, they can ensure a smooth transition to enterprise mobility and can gain a competitive edge that lets them take their business applications to the next level.
Similarly, flexibility and versatility are essential characteristics of a comprehensive solution. In particular, support for all leading mobile deployment models—browser (HTML5), hybrid, and middleware/native—is of crucial importance, as it gives enterprises the freedom to choose the model best suited to their needs, while providing their customers with a single, unified user experience.

In the Olympics, the difference between a gold medal and no medal can be as small as a few millimeters or milliseconds. To increase their chances of winning, competitors need to effectively address all the elements of their sport—equipment, training, weather conditions, diet, mindset, and more—all at the same time. Similarly, in the field of enterprise mobility, competitors need a solution that provides a comprehensive strategic approach to face all the challenges on the path to success.
Magic’s world champion solution for enterprise mobility is an extension of our unified technology stack, bringing all the capabilities of our application and integration platforms to the realm of enterprise mobility for a Total Mobility Experience.

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