Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The UK Beat

Meet Magic’s Branch Managers
At Magic, we have recorded a series of video interviews, getting up close and personal with our branch managers from around the world. In these interviews (The Germany BeatThe Benelux Beat), the branch managers share their thoughts about the key trends in the global software industry, and discuss Magic's ability to respond effectively to the challenges they present. They also recount personal anecdotes based on their experiences representing Magic in their particular region.

From Surfer Dude to Enterprise Mobility Expert
In this video interview, David Akka, General Manager of Magic Software UK, Eire & Nordic, compares his experiences as a young surfer, catching waves, with his current role in Magic, perceiving the challenges and opportunities presented by the technological advances of enterprise mobility. Just as the surfer who sees a great wave approaching wants to choose just the right moment to ride it, so too enterprises who want to embrace the mobile revolution must find the best means of doing so and must time their move perfectly.
David recalls how he had a ‘eureka’ moment when first introduced to the Internet, as he understood what a huge impact it would have on our lives. He describes a similar feeling now, as he sees the emergence of mobile technology in general and enterprise mobility in particular. Because mobile is radically changing the way we do business, enterprises are faced with key questions of how best to incorporate this new technology into their business processes. David explains why Magic, with its years of proven experience and technological know-how, can provide enterprises with the best mobile solution, enabling them to ride the wave and achieve their business goals.

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