Monday, March 5, 2012

Steve Goes Mobile

It's another hectic day of business out of the office for salesperson Steve. There he is now, walking through the bustling crowd of commuters, as he exits the subway station on his way to a meeting in the busy metropolis.
Steve gets a call from one of his top customers. The app on his smartphone instantly retrieves and displays the customer’s profile from the company CRM. An ‘open support ticket’ alert pops up on Steve’s smartphone screen. He discusses the support issue with the customer, and sends an escalation request to the head office support team.
During the conversation, Steve also receives a ‘contract renewal’ alert, and while discussing commercial terms with his customer, he brings his VP into the loop by issuing a discount request. Then he schedules a meeting with the customer to close the deal.
Meanwhile, several time zones away, Steve’s VP receives the discount request. Remotely accessing the company’s ERP and CRM systems, she reviews the real-time business data on a single screen on her mobile device, and decides to approve the request.
While picking up a Caffè Latte to go, Steve completes the deal, automatically updating all relevant company data systems.

Steve’s story shows just one example of how mobile technology, when implemented correctly, can streamline workflows and increase productivity. On-the-go employees can perform all mission-critical tasks from any location on any smartphone or tablet, while company executives can access real-time reporting and BI insights to help them make smarter, better-informed managerial decisions.

Magic's Total Mobility Experience extends core enterprise applications using role-specific interfaces to empower today’s mobile workforce, offering: