Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enterprise Mobility...Beyond the Point of No Return

The time for deliberating whether to adopt enterprise mobility as a strategic business policy is over, and doubts that it might be just a passing trend have been well and truly laid to rest by the mass global adoption of mobile technology. In fact, mobile devices have become such an integral part of contemporary life that, in many cases, the demand for enterprise mobility comes from the bottom up, as employees demand that their organizations go mobile.

Enterprise Mobility - click to expand
This new reality is clearly demonstrated in the infographic here, prepared by [x]cube LABS and based on reports from the research firms and analysts Ovum, iPass, Yankee Group, Distimo, Forrester, and comScore. We can see that the market not only exists for business apps, but is growing exponentially (186% in 2010). For developers, this is good news. By 2016, it is predicted that they will earn nearly $40 billion in annual sales of mobile apps.

Companies are no longer looking at the mobilization of their core business systems as a nice-to-have or a limited experiment. More and more, they are embracing it as a fundamental element in their long-term business strategy whose significance is measurable in terms of tangible financial and business benefits. From operational efficiency and cost-reduction to increased productivity and sales, from business flexibility to enhanced security and compliance, the transition to mobile is generating real value for businesses and developers alike. Across the widest range of vertical markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, real estate, and many other industries, organizations are recognizing the massive opportunities presented by extending their back-office systems to employees in any remote location.

So, as we have now passed the point of no return in the transition to enterprise mobility, the question is how best to implement this strategy, taking into consideration the ever-widening range of smartphones and mobile operating systems. Magic's mobile enterprise application platform addresses the need of both developers and enterprises for multi-platform, multi-device solutions that are easily developed and rapidly deployed.

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