Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meet Magic’s Branch Managers

At Magic, we have recorded a series of video interviews, getting up close and personal with our branch managers from around the world. In these interviews, the branch managers share their thoughts about the key trends in the global software industry, and discuss Magic's ability to respond effectively to the challenges they present. They also recount personal anecdotes based on their experiences representing Magic in their particular region.

The Benelux Beat

In this video interview, John Verwaaijen, General Manager of Magic Software Benelux, focuses on cloud and mobile technologies, which, he feels, are already becoming the dominant themes in discussions about the future of application development and deployment. In this context, he points out that Magic is already well-positioned to provide real and effective solutions for these new technologies, and is able to seamlessly integrate the different environments into a single, unified user experience.

In 2012 and beyond, despite the economic crisis affecting Europe, or perhaps even because of the crisis, the demand for better, faster, and more flexible management of enterprise data will, in John’s opinion, continue to increase significantly.

In a personal anecdote, John recalls how a Magic Professional Services manager, when meeting with a customer (a large construction company in the Netherlands), was able, in the course of a 15-minute coffee break, to use iBOLT to develop a fully functional solution that integrated the company’s employee information database with a government tax data system. Watchthe video interview to hear how the customer reacted to this impressive feat.