Tuesday, August 2, 2011

uniPaaS 2.0 is Now Shipping

Magic Software has today issued a new major release of our application platform. Building on the success of previous releases, uniPaaS 2.0 provides key enhancements for BlackBerry development, improved client server applications, enhanced RIA development and standardization.

uniPaaS 2.0 builds on key benefits that you expect from Magic Software by providing a future-proof, metadata-driven application platform that combines powerful studio resources for development with standardized .NET based rich front-ends for highly interactive user experiences across a variety of clients.

Extensive functionality previously not supported by uniPaaS is now fully embedded so that developers can leverage industry-standard controls in existing and new applications. uniPaaS 2.0 provides a superb foundation for future development across multiple mobile device environments, RIA, client-server and cloud-based deployments.

The new client/server runtime uses controls from the Windows Forms .NET library to provide a highly interactive and graphically appealing front end to users. Both the look and feel of the applications and the usability are improved as applications take on a more modern style. Because the uniPaaS client is now based on a .NET layer it is easy for the developer to call any .NET class including third-party libraries. You can take advantage of many of these improvements by migrating your application to uniPaaS 2.0 either through the effort of your own development team or by using Magic Professional Services to assist in your modernization effort for your applications. Our consultants have extensive experience advising and implementing enhanced user interfaces based on .NET controls and third-party libraries.

We will discuss specific enhancements in a future entry. Let the era of uniPaaS 2.0 begin!

Glenn Johnson is a Senior Vice President at Magic Software Enterprises, Inc. Active in the software industry since 1984, he frequently speaks at industry conferences and writes for numerous publications.