Thursday, February 10, 2011

uniPaaS Jet; The Future of Application Development?

The much anticipated uniPaaS Jet has been released for general consumption and the response has been overwhelming with hundreds of downloads per day. In this post I wanted to run through what exactly uniPaaS Jet is, why I see it as the future of application development, and to ask you for your feedback and experiences using it so far.

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So what is uniPaaS Jet? well the marketing blurb says its a "FREE Single-user edition of the world’s fastest and most powerful tool for building and deploying applications", what this means is that it is a free single user development and deployment license of uniPaaS our application platform. For those of you unfamiliar with uniPaaS essentially it provides all aspects of the application development and deployment process within a single end-to-end platform. It features a ready-made business application engine that simplifies the code-writing pro
cess and enables you to deploy to market faster, using fewer resources.
But what does this mean for you the downloader? well lets say you have a dream. One day you want to be more than all this, you have an idea for an application that will change the world forever. You want to be the next Bill Gates, to write the next application, we don't know how we lived without, that will take over the world. Whats stopping you doing this today? Well its a long list you only have weekends (during the week you work or study), you lack the initial investment of capital normally required to write and test an application. Essentially it all comes down to time and money. So you put it of until tomorrow and tomorrow and ......
ell tomorrow is today (if you know what I mean) as Jet allows you a Free access to an application platform whereby you can write, test and deploy your application for a single user. Given that uniPaaS is proven to be quicker and easier to use you can now do this in record time. So all those barriers should now have disappeared and there should be nothing stopping you on your road to success. And should your application take off Jet has been desi
gned to be infinitely scalable so the code you wrote for your single user can still be used when you sell you 1000th or your 1,000,000th license. This is why I think it's the future of application development!
For more technical information on Jet why not visit our website by clicking here, or simply register for your FREE license and get going today.
If you have already downloaded Jet I would love to hear you thoughts so why not post your comments below.

David Akka is the Managing Director of Magic Software (UK) Ltd and have worked with Magic Software for over 14 years.