Wednesday, January 19, 2011

uniPaaS Jet Released

The much anticipated release of uniPaaS Jet has finally arrived. Yes, that’s right, uniPaaS Jet has been officially released. With uniPaaS Jet, solo programmers seeking to build single-user software applications for desktop or Internet deployment now have unlimited free development and deployment with what has long been widely regarded as the most productive business software application platform available.

But suddenly there is something new and different. A hipper, cooler edge to business software development. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) comes standard out-of-the-box with uniPaaS so you are already looking at a cloud-tastic environment with client-server roots. And with all the new resources supporting the new programmer in the process of learning how to program in uniPaaS Jet, you have a launchpad for success. We’re talking about hundreds of instructional videos, sample programs and tutorials to help you master all aspects of business software development with uniPaaS.