Monday, August 9, 2010

Demystifying Rapid Application Development (RAD) for the Cloud

Adrian Bridgwater writes a nice article on Rapid Application Development for the Cloud in this week's Computer Weekly (Where will cloud computing take us in 5 years time?).
In particular, he picks 3 vendors he believes are at the forefront of delivering RAD in the Cloud - SAP, Tibco and Magic Software with their uniPaaS application platform.

Unlike the other 2 vendors though, Magic Software is, I believe, the first technology vendor to combine the following 3 capabilities within a single platform solution:
  1. A ready-made business application engine or metadata engine that allows developers to focus quickly on building and perfecting business functionality. This enables organizations to build complex business applications using fewer resources and with a greater level of ease. (Thereby reducing instances of IT project failure and improving ability to meet budget and timeline requirements.)
  2. A single development paradigm that eliminates the need to use different coding languages and teams for the different Client, Server and communications layers of modern business applications based upon Cloud or rich internet technology. This significantly reduces overall development costs, shortens testing time and eliminates coding mistakes that cost more to correct after deployment.
  3. Multiple deployment modes from a single development effort. This allows an organization to develop an application once, and then deploy it in a variety of modes without incurring an expensive re-development effort. This is particularly valuable for Independent Software Vendors and enterprises looking to quickly and efficiently create a Cloud or Mobile based version of their original Client-Server application.