Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enterprises Begin to Adapt to Cloud Computing

Jason Slater writes a fantastic technology blog that I'm just a little envious of - his posts cover a wide range of issues from software to security, and include 'how to' downloads along with the latest industry news.

He has kindly given us the opportunity to talk to his readers about our rapid Cloud and on-premise application development tool - uniPaaS. You can view the full blog posting here.
In other news this week, Mike Knuckey from CloudVision, recently had a chance to speak to our UK and Nordics Managing Director,Dave Akka, at the Cloud Computing World Forum Conference.
He highlights that one of this year's biggest challenges for the enterprise is how to handle the whole phenomena of public, private and hybrid Cloud computing, or in other words, how to efficiently mix existing on-premise applications with new Cloud-based application services.
Despite the wishful thinking and propaganda from some of the Cloud vendor-giants, not all companies will be shifting their mission-critical business application and databases off their own servers and into a vendor-hosted Cloud offering tomorrow.
It’s simply perceived to be too risky or too radical a move for most CEO’s. Gartner recently predicted that only 20% of business applications will be off-premise by 2013. That means that by far, the larger proportion of enterprise applications will remain on-premise for a good few years to come.
If this is the case, then the main challenge for businesses now will be to learn how to effectively balance on- and off-premise deployments, and how to better integrate their newly acquired Cloud applications with their existing on-premise applications to get the most value from their overall data mix.
We've written extensively about this in our recent white paper that you can still download here - 'Cloud vs. On-Premise: Is there a Middle Ground'.