Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fast Application Development - uniPaaS Cloud Computing Platform

To increase productivity, businesses have come to rely upon software applications. From the very beginning, these applications have been created using sophisticated programming languages, many of which were developed in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

These languages require a very high degree of precision and completeness, with programmers writing detailed ‘code' to present real concepts and functions. It's a process that's labor intensive and open to errors, with knock-on consequences for a company's financial and competitive viability.
With some minor adaptations, these programming languages (some of which are here on the left) have remained virtually the same over the years. But in that time, the business and IT environment has undergone a revolution.
A Web revolution. Today, programmers are no longer writing code for just one machine. They need to consider the interaction of multiple systems, platforms and devices. Enterprise applications are exponentially more complex compared to the mainframes and terminals of yester-year. It's now about the server and the client working together, sharing the computing load, whereas once they worked in isolation.
Modern enterprise applications today require millions of lines of code. And programming languages were simply never built for this pace of change.
Software projects have become massive budget items. Projects stretch on for years, consuming ever larger resources. Companies are forced to employ an army of programmers and consultants just to stay afloat. By the time debugging and stabilization has been achieved, a new technology arrives promising even greater performance. And the same cycle of ever growing costs begins anew.
Businesses today need a platform that eliminates the chore of writing vast quantities of low level coding. Application designers need to be free to concentrate on building the business logic and functionality of their application. They also need a platform that puts greater focus on the day after development, a platform that which gives you the choice in how you deploy, whether it's on-premise or in the Cloud, or even both.
uniPaaS is not a programming language. It's an application platform. What's the difference? Unlike code, a 'platform' provides pre-compiled business functionality, or pre-written code, thatspeeds up development and avoids the need for low-level hard coding.
With uniPaaS, developers bypass the technical coding chores and concentrate instead on the truly creative side of their job - building business applications with optimized business logic and spot-on functionality. The result is a better application that's delivered on-time and on-budget.
For enterprises and software vendors looking to escape from the IT cost trap, uniPaaS represents a solid growth opportunity.