Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Explaining the Value of a RIA Cloud Application (Video)

Michael McMillin is the president of a 5-person software company with over 1,200 customers. They've been using uniPaaS for over 20 years to build specialist construction software.

Thanks to uniPaaS RIA they can now quickly and cost-efficiently transform their client/server application into a Rich Internet Application that serves up the power of a desktop application over the internet.
The advantage? Their customers - construction site engineers, no longer have to worry about carrying an expensive application-loaded notebook onto building sites - all they need is a simple web-enabled device from which they access their application online using Internet Explorer, Firefox or whatever browser they use. So even if their desktop/mobile device is damaged or stolen, they only loose the hardware - and not the more valuable application IP.
A perfect case study example of the uses of RIA and private Cloud applications.