Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Short Guide to Investing in SaaS, PaaS Vendors

With the SaaS and PaaS markets set to explode to over 19 billion and 15 billion respectively in the coming years, a number of big name vendors are getting in on the game, with Oracle, IBM and Microsoft already out there and punting their Cloud technologies.

However, with any emerging technology, you can be pretty sure that glitches come included as standard, at least in the first one or two versions. Anyone remember the iPad launch?
When it comes to investing in some of these new technologies then, it's sometimes worth the effort to put on the wide-angle lens and see if there are any other technologies floating under the radar that can do the job better. In fact, it should be a part of any due diligence process.
For investing in innovative Cloud, SaaS and PaaS technologies then, have a read, or see what Robert Holmes from the respected 'The Street' has to say..