Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Japan is Building Rich Internet Apps with uniPaaS

Japanese software developers aren't wasting time. They are busy building rich internet applications and getting projects through the door.
Here at Magic Software we currently know of over 100 Japanese companies in the process of developing or delivering Rich Internet Applications using our uniPaaS application platform.

Asama Software is one. They've just used Magic Software's uniPaaS RIA to build a rich internet insurance application called 'NEWS'.
What's nice about this story is that the company was using an older version of Magic Software's application platform for Client-Server apps, and was planning to use HTML to add-on the Rich Client Interface that their customer was asking for.
The only catch was that they had 3 months to deliver the complete application - tried and tested. Woops, I almost forgot - and they only had a single developer.
Understandably, the company was a bit worried about the prospects of re-writing tons of HTML for every new small change to the business logic. It's a rare vendor that never has to make sudden or last minute tweaks to their application because of forgotten, misunderstood or changed customer demands or some other type of scope creep.
Luckily, Asama Software quickly found out that uniPaaS RIA was available (it had just come out at the time), and they upgraded. uniPaaS RIA has the ability to automatically apply newly written business logic to the appropriate rich client interface as well as server side without the need for manual intervention.
Any changes to the business logic are automatically adjusted in the rich client with the ease of a simple refresh action.
And the results speak for themselves. Asama Software's single developer was able to meet the tight deadline, deliver a very cool RIA (the Japanese script just adds to that ultra-function feel!) - And all without a single line of HTML or any other programming language.
Here are a couple of screen-shots from the finished application - granted these don't have the polish of an HTML masterpiece - but then again, not every company can afford to wait that long or spend that much while waiting. This application works exactly as the customer demands, with no hiccups and no bugs and it was delivered on-time and on-budget. Who could ask for more?
These shots are customer contract fields in the NEWS system that insurance agents can enter via the web and adjust/update in real-time from work, home or from mobile devices on the move.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are similar Japanese software companies building RIA-style business applications all over Japan, thanks to uniPaaS.