Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nature meets Technology - Magic Software now on Dutch TV

After months of planning, we finally went live today with our first Magic Software television commercial - aired on prime time Dutch TV.

The brief was to provide an eye-catching ad that would appeal to a wide as possible audience of TV viewers and keep them guessing as to what it's all about until the very last moment.
The core concept was churned out between myself and John, our Benelux Director within a 2 minute conversation about 6 months ago. Then there followed another 2-3 months of scripting, more scripting, film snippet selections and sequencing (a lot of work from our in-house production specialist, Tamar and our VP for Marketing, Arita), and here we are.
We also updated our home page with the same images and provided a detailed explanation of the concepts used in the filmhere.
This is just the beginning for us. 2010 represents the year that Magic Software goes YouTube with a vengence. I've already written a number of new scripts and I warn you now - they may be slightly provocative! (More on these later..)