Monday, March 15, 2010

Rapid Application Development - uniPaaS Passes the Test

A short while back I wrote about a nice technology blog that I had recently discovered - Jonathan Ross's Practical Technologies.
Being a QA expert, Jonathan kindly agreed to have a look at ouruniPaaS Discovery Edition which he has reviewed here.
Here are some of the main highlights from his review:

Installation - this was well formed, self explanatory and easy to do. I felt confident during the install and resources never went off the charts on a Dual Core, 2Gb laptop.
Look and Feel - I like my Web 2.0 sites to adopt a Web 2.0 look and feel and my Development Suites / Enterprise Apps to have an elegant, business-like look and feel. On running the uniPaaS Discovery Suite I saw a distinctive yet familiar style of environment. The GUI and toolbars are elegant and match expectation for this type of software. Users of Visual Studio etc will feel at home and not forced to relearn the wheel.
Getting to work - I found it simplicity itself to create a new project, refer to the documentation and begin work...
All that's left is for me to thank Jonathan for his valuable time and for his excellent and detailed review - made even more salient by the fact that Jonathan and his wife are expecting their second child any moment now!
Wishing them both all the very best for a speedy and healthy birth.