Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So You've Got Microsoft Dynamics CRM - What Next?

Microsoft Dyamics is a powerful and multi-lingual software package for both on-premise and on-demand CRM requirements.
The system is also part of a wider Microsoft Dynamics family that includes ERP applications (Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV) and an accounting application (Microsoft Dynamics GP).
Of course, the company's CRM application is designed to be used in conjunction with these other packages - providing a broad sales, marketing and managment information solution for the enterprise.

But what if you already own an ERP system - say SAP for example, and what about an email system that isn't based on Microsoft, such as Lotus Notes or Google's Gmail?
How do you ensure that your Microsoft CRM system is integrated with these and other non-Microsoft products without undertaking a complex and expensive integration effort?
Well, Magic Software has of course now created another dedicated iBOLT connector - enabling fast and code-free integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other IT applications including ERP, calendars, email and databases.
iBOLT for Microsoft Dynamics is now available and is worth looking into. The product is easy to learn and use and, particularly important - it enables users to quickly and easily add new applications or business processes as the company's demands and organizational set-up inevitably change.
Have a look at the iBOLT demo on YouTube, or read more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration challenge in the white paper just out.