Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why you should use a metadata platform rather than code

One of my favourite all-time clips - Good Will Hunting - with the NSA chasing Will to work as a code expert. (Warning - strong language included).

It may be a fair stretch of the imagination from this, but to build a practical and effective business application the usual way requires plenty of coding, including web services, ABAC and databases - Oracle or MSQL and others. This means hiring code and programming experts that add to your overheads and makes your organization more "skilled-person dependent".

When you use a metadata platform in place of multiple programming/code languages you no longer have to worry about hiring teams of coding experts (so you avoid awkward scenes like the above..)

Both the iBOLT business integration suite and the uniPaaSapplication platform use a single skill-set for building and integrating multiple technologies, protocols and environments.

And because both platforms already encorporate the business information that would otherwise have to be written from scratch, you can implement your IT projects quicker - and field a higher-quality solution with fewer bugs in the process!