Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Versatile Application Development - Using Magic Software's uniPaaS

A number of people have been asking what sort of applications uniPaaS can develop. Well, the answer is a lot!

uniPaaS is a highly versatile application platform (note - it's not a programming language - more on that below) that can deliver virtually any type of application, front-end or back-end.

You can develop desktop client applications, web browser applications, service oriented services like SOAP web services, J2EE services, or even local COM servers.

You can also develop RIA applications for both desktop and mobile. RIA applications are fully functional desktop applications that are deployed over the internet and work over an HTTP connection with an enterprise server. RIA applications are installed automatically and are updated automatically whenever those updates are available.

The fact that uniPaaS is a 'platform' rather than simply a'programming language' means that it provides versatile and powerful development facilities that are more closely related to the logic of real business. And it doesn't require the developer to directly access the low level APIs of the underlying infrastructure.

This platform versatility comes from an 'information-centric' design that features a specially made metadata engine. (white paper about this here)This engine provides capabilities and functionalities specifically for business information, whether operational, financial or management, as opposed to many other tools out there that are more generic in scope, and therefore less 'information' focused.