Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good News for CFOs - More Data Transparency!

One of the more important challenges for CFOs in the enterprise is having to deal with the issue of data transparency. Transparency, or more specifically the lack of it, is being exacerbated by the growing number of self-contained data systems in the enterprise. These create data-silos, block real-time access to certain information, result in lack of data integrity, lack of resource optimization and ultimately capital wastage - every CFO's nightmare.

Lack of information transparency can play havoc with a CFO's ability to plan and implement Profit & Loss decisions.

For CFOs to make good business decisions they have to be able to view the full business picture. And this demands that a company's data, whether it's sales numbers, previous customer history information, production figures, inventory levels, and employee data, be fully integrated in real time.

iBOLT is one of a number of business integration tools that takes an organization's data, from multiple IT systems and applications, and synchronizes it, to present management with a full, 360 degree view of the corporation's business situation and activity.

More than most, iBOLT is focused on the integration of business applications, and provides a powerful business data engine that enables process integration, enterprise application integration, business activity monitoring and process management, to name but a few.

iBOLT also has an extensive set of connectors (as seen in the screen-shot above) that can handle the information from almost every possible information source, without the need for extensive coding work and the expense that entails. So either way, CFOs will be happier people.

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