Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mobile Application Strategies for the Enterprise

The issue of mobile application technology is being raised more and more in the enterprise business space. Our Managing Director for the UK, Dave Akka, writes a nice piece here in the Financial Times, explaining the business case for companies looking to implement a sensible mobile strategy for their workforce.

For further reading on the latest Mobile Enterprise Application develompents have a look at our latest White Paper

In other news, many people are talking about Microsoft's announcement that they are releasing a new Cloud platform calledAzure.

For Magic Software, who are an application platform vendor for RIA, mobile and SaaS, it can only be a positive move. Microsoft providing a Cloud enabled operating system tends to confirm Magic Software's own technology vision - that SaaS is here to stay and can convey some significant benefits to enterprise companies looking to hire-in advanced CRM, ERP or other business functionality that they would otherwise have to build themselves.

My only concern is that SaaS remains not an entirely clear-cut decision for ISVs who already operate and earn the bulk of their revenues from licenced Client/Server applications.

For ISVs and other software providers it therefore remains important that they can run both SaaS and Client/Server applications together - cost-effectively. For that, Magic Software's uniPaaS platform is uniquely designed to allow ISV's to run both SaaS and Client/Server models for the same development effort and from the same single code-base.

This way ISVs are not forced to choose between one model and other - but rather can cost-effectively run both in parallel and maintain their options open for the future.