Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Reap the Benefits of RIA and SaaS - Enterprise Systems

Rich Internet applications and their brainchild, software-as-a-service (SaaS), are expensive to build. Today they represent the most challenging development process yet.

Regev Yativ, Magic Software's President & CEO for the Americas tells Enterprise Systems how to get around the complexity of building and deploying RIA and SaaS in this article just out.

Other collateral news - we have a new case study now available - this one is about FKB - a Liechtenstein-based health insurance provider that, using uniPaaS, has become the largest health insurance provider in Lichtenstein with the lowest operating costs in the industry for both Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Website news, we've added even more new items to our solutions section - this time focusing on Magic Software's solutions for specific industry verticals - so far we have healthcare,manufacturing, finance, government and logistics - along with relevant case studies that describe some of the real-life challenges and implementations in each industry.

And lastly, the first of two Get IT Together seminars is happening in Connecticut today. Last minute places are still available for the Nov 12th event in San Diego. If you are interested in attending ring as soon as possible to reserve your place on - 949 250 1718.