Monday, October 12, 2009

Lotus Notes and Integration

Here's the demo we recently recorded showing the exact steps you would take to synchronize Lotus Notes Address Book with your contacts.

The whole process takes about 8 minutes - notice how iBOLT uses a graphical user interface which allows users to actually see and visualize their integration as they go; users can 'drag and connect' different modules and rapidly create workflows rather than working directly through hard code.

How is this achieved? Yep, it's that metadata again. iBOLT, like the uniPaaS application platform, uses metadata - pre-configured and pre-compiled coding, which makes the whole integration process quicker and more business-focused.

Such a approach can only come from a tool with a serious technology stack and many years of in-the-field experience. iBOLT benefits from 25 years of business application development exeprience. I don't think there's a single integration tool on the market today that can say the same.