Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creating Business Results from Information Technology

We've spoken previously about the need for Information Technology to evolve into Business Technology.

Here's how Forrester explains things:

Every aspect of the enterprise is increasingly embodied in the technology it uses, from process application-driven business operations to Internet-based interactions with customers and suppliers. Although today, only a few enterprises recognize the implications of this trend, within five years most will realize that this "business technology" (BT) is vital to delivering business results. Enterprises will embrace the competitive potential of technology and actively manage its use. BT providers will hone offerings to enhance business results, flexibility, and configurability.

I understand from this the following:

  1. Technology is becoming more important to all aspects of a business' operations.
  2. Companies will soon realize (if not already) that to remain competitive they need their information technology to deliver real business results.
  3. Companies that aquire IT systems that focus on 'business' delivery rather than 'technology' will end up the winners - by cutting their operational costs, improving productivity and increasing market share.

So if you're an enterprise company with an internal IT department or an ISV trying to stay afload against giant SaaS vendors here's your chance to gain a step ahead:

Get IT together will give you the knowledge and tools to more effectively utilize your IT resources and deliver quantifiable business results in a reasonable time.

The seminar is equally suited for business executives and IT professionals alike.

Get IT together is being held in only two locations -

  • Uncasville, Connecticut on November 10
  • San Diego, California on November 12

This seminar will feature some of industry's leading technology experts in the fields of application development, RIA, SaaS, business integration and IT business optimization.

If you're based in the US, or going to be travelling in the US in the second week of November, don't miss out on your chance to attend this FREE day.

In today's business and economic environment there is literally nothing more important that you can be doing right now than learning how to leverage your IT to perform more for your business.

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