Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How can ISVs grow business when competing with SaaS giants?

The market for packaged applications is undergoing a fundamental transformation with customers looking for only what they need style solutions that demand minimal or no infrastructure hassle. Demand for Internet delivery (SaaS or ASP models) is growing and big players are continuously creating and dominating new market niches.

While it is possible to deliver existing solutions over the Internet using virtualization technology, these don't provide viable economies of scale. Revenue trickles from SaaS applications also create cash-flow shortages during the first years of a SaaS operation.

To maintain competitive advantage, ISVs need to keep up their existing on-premise sales model in parallel to building a strong SaaS offering.

uniPaaS application platform technology provides ISVs with this and more competitive advantages including:

  • Re-use of business logic from existing components - eliminating the need to rewrite everything
  • Minimizes development by providing pre-programmed commonly used functions
  • Enables multi-tenant SaaS deployment without the need for multiple programming skills