Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good News for Sales People - Make Orders by Mobile

What's wrong with this picture: A sales person calls a potential customer. He then visits the customer to show or demonstrate his wares. The customer decides to buy and makes an order. With the deal closed, our sales person returns to his office and checks with the back-end system to see if the wares the customer wants are in stock.

Woops! Stop right there. What happens if the product is NOT in stock, or the manufacturer was late in delivering, or there's a glitch in production, or if there's a new price list our sales person wasn't aware of?

What happens when you've told your customer that you can deliver in X days and it will cost Y amount - and now you've got to run the embarrassment and risk of calling the customer again to tell him you were wrong.

There's a good chance the customer will cancel the deal, or just not buy from you again, right?

Now consider this. If our sales person had a mobile device, and he could directly view and enter data into the company's back-end system - then he could enter the order himself, make sure the product is in stock, and quote the correct price - ALL WHILE SITTING IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER.

That's the power of Rich Internet Applications. But you don't have to take it from me. Here's how Soviet Jeans managed to turn around their sales process and their customer service using uniPaaS RIA.