Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Faster Application Development: uniPaaS v.s. Flex & C#

We've spoken here a number of times about the benefits of using a metadata approach when building and deploying business apps. To recap, a metadata approach is based upon a pre-compiled business logic engine that enables you to cut out much of the hard-coding from the development process and build your application with a single tool, from end to end i.e. From Client to Server using a single programming language.

Here's an illustration that nicely shows the difference in develo

pment flows between uniPaaS (an end-to-end development and deployment tool) v.s. doing it the usual way (a combination of Adobe Flex for the Client end, and C# for the Server end).

Unitary Development: uniPaaS (Client & Server)

And here's how it's normally done - the hard way!

Multi-tier Development: Adobe Flex (Client) & C# (Server)

When development involves buying 2 seperate programming languages, going through lots of low-level programming, and the challenge of gathering and co-ordinating 2 seperate programming teams, there is simply less chance of the end result being deployed cheaper or faster - not to mention the fact that there's less chance the application will fully meet corporate standards and expectations.