Monday, September 21, 2009

Business Innovation & Skill-Set Requirements

It seems that even paradise is suffering these days. Australia is suffering from a skill-set shortage that, according to this interview, is hampering the ability of businesses to deliver and innovate.

70% of the businesses asked (according to the news item) were worried about skill-set shortages hampering a business's ability to deliver. AND of those, 60% say it is negatively impacting their ability to innovate.

Business innovation (we talk more about this here) is what keeps small economies going. I would also argue that innovation is the only way to resuscitate a large economy suffering from recession and the over-leverage of service and financial sectors.

The costs of acquiring the right IT skills to ensure business innovation are constantly going up it seems, particularly when a business is looking to building a complex rich business application (RIA).

The nature of RIA and SaaS applications and their unique performance benefits means that they require multiple teams of developers to build the separate Client, Server and Communication layers of the application. Normally these would be achieved using a combination of development tools. (see Flex and C# vs. uniPaaS)

Is there a solution then? Of course. Work smarter!

uniPaaS is a culmination of 3 unique technological innovations that allow you to achieve your business objectives faster and easier - in this case to build a rich business internet application using only a single skill-set and programming language.

So no more skill shortages, and no more fears for business delivery and innovation..

Hello Australia!