Monday, August 24, 2009

Rich Internet Apps - 5 Benefits for Manufacturing Companies (continued..)

From our last post we listed 5 ways in which Rich Internet Apps can improve ROI efficiencies for a manufacturing company.

But with the advantages come some challenges. Custom RIA development can be prohibitive to many manufacturers because the sophistication of the software requires two kinds of programmers:

  1. RIA programmers for the client-side user interface and;
  2. Traditional business logic programmers for the back-end server application.

Maintaining two development teams is not cheap on budgets or fast on project deadlines, hence the attraction of SaaS.

However, this issue can now be resolved with newer approaches to RIA development that pre-compile and pre-configure hard code into ready-made business application engines - or metadata engines.

If developing RIA in-house is the preferred path for manufacturers looking to create a competitive advantage in their business, then using the new breed of metadata-driven application platformsshould be aggressively considered.